5 Souvenirs Everyone Needs from Phuket

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5 Souvenirs Everyone Needs from Phuket

Some of the best bits about travelling is all the wonderful discoveries you make along the way. Whether it’s shopping at the authentic markets or walking the streets of the old town, you’re constantly immersing yourself in authentic Thai culture. Collecting little pieces of Phuket and gifts for your friends and family are what is going to help you remember your trip forever and let you bring your little slice of Phuket back home with you.

1. Massage Oil

If you’ve ever visited Thailand, the chances are you would have experienced the incredible massages they have on offer… for a bargain too! When a full body massage for 1 hour is only 300 baht, there’s no excuse not to have one! The Thai oils that they use are so therapeutic and calming. You can find these in most massage shops or pharmacies. They’re super cheap and will last you a lifetime!

2. Coconut Bowls

The coconut bowls are a common feature of Phuket. You’ll find them used in most cafes and restaurants. They’re made from 100% recycled coconut. You can find these in any market or stall. Grab a few, use for your cooking at home or even as a trinket dish for you keys or jewellery.

3. Mosquito Racket

Although having tons of mosquitos all over the place isn’t such a good thing, at least Phuket knows how to handle them. You’ll be able to find electric mosquito rackets anywhere you go. They’re the best for warding off the mosquitos for when you go home.

4. Evening Wear

Although not much of a souvenir, Thailand is known for its custom made evening wear. Whether it’s a suit or formal dress, they know how to make the perfect one just for you. The tailors are state of the art. They’ll measure to your size, hand make it and charge you a quarter of the price compared to your average tailor too!

5. Thai Fruit

We all love Thailand for it’s fresh tropical fruit, although this may be slightly tricky to take home in your suitcase after a 12 hour flight. However, if you grab yourself some of the dried fruit like dried pineapple, dried durian, dried mango and dried kiwi, you’ll be able to enjoy all the amazing tropical Thai flavours even when you’re home!

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