Boat Trips and Yachting in Phuket

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Boat Trips and Yachting in Phuket

The waters and scenery in and around Phuket are truly magnificent and are best enjoyed on board a boat of yacht. Taking a yacht trip to some of the spectacular sites like the National Marine Park of the Phang Nga Bay and Krabi is highly recommended. Other than these destinations be sure to check out Koh Racha lies to the south of Phuket Island. There are also many other water activities that you can enjoy as you discover the beauty of the Andaman Sea.

Sailing boats as well as yachts are easy to charter for an entire day. Hiring a boat or yacht for a day will give you plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful Phuket area. You can enjoy sailing and snorkeling as well as indulge in some exciting scuba diving and it also pays to try out some sport fishing. There are also plenty of opportunities available for swimming as well as sightseeing.

The spectacular Phang Nga Bay is perfect for yachting. The scenery here is simply stunning and the cuisine is excellent. This is a great place to party and enjoy yourself. Other than Phang Nga Bay, there are also other options available for those who want to take boat or yacht tripe in Phuket. In particular, be sure to check out the Phi Phi Islands.

A boat or yacht trip to Phuket is sure to be an unforgettable experience. There are some very nice beaches here on Phuket that offer you a chance to enjoy the glimmering waters as well as different water sporting activities. You can also try your hand at snorkeling and diving or if you like you can also check out the coral reefs as well as diverse aquatic life.

There are also other attractions here on Phuket including the hidden caves of Phang Nga Bay. You can explore these caves on kayaks and if that is not enough then why not try your hand at rock climbing on the Krabi cliffs. Between Phuket and Phang Nga Bay there is plenty of nice tropical scenery. The Koh Roi and Koh Hong islands are also worth checking out. And, for nightlife be sure to check out the Phi Phi Done Island.

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