Bomb Blast in Bangkok

ECM   |   August 18, 2015   |   News & Features   |   0 Comments


Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and relatives of the bomb blast in central Bangkok that killed more than 20 persons and injured over 100.

At this stage it is not clear who is responsible for the attack and the authorities have not issued any statements as to whom may be behind this tragedy.

Attacks like this are extremely rare in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Some foreign governments have come out  with travel advisories for Bangkok and Thailand and advised their citizens to be alert or avoid mass gatherings of people, but no actual travel restrictions have been issued.

The airports are operating normally and guests should not experience any delays when travelling in and out of the country.

Should you visit Bangkok in the upcoming days, we recommend that you avoid the area around Rachaprasong Intersection and the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel in Bangkok’s Chidlom district, where the blast took place on the evening of 17 August.

Otherwise the city of Bangkok appears to function as usual.

Please contact your local embassy or follow the media coverage for any further updates and make sure you follow all instructions by the local authorities.

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