Elephant Care in Phuket

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Elephant Care in Phuket

Thailand is known for one very special animal, the elephant. Elephants are probably one of the most beloved animals of all time. Huge in stature, yet kind and caring in nature. Known to be man’s best friend. However sadly elephants in Thailand are often mistreated. They are commonly used for amusement in the circus, used as rides for the tourists or even worse, abused and killed for their ivory tusks. It’s up to us to help save the elephants and bring them back to their natural habitat. They can’t speak up, but we can speak up for them.

In Thailand, there are more and more elephant sanctuaries popping up. These sanctuaries are designed to save the elephants from an endangered environment and provide for them a safe and loving home. They create a space where they can run freely, play, be fed, sleep safely and do as elephants were born to do. These places are a saving grace for our elephants. Instead of visiting an elephant park designed to make money and amuse tourists, visitors are now switching to elephant sanctuaries to spread the love and nurture these kind animals.

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Phuket, as well as The Elephant Retirement Park in Phuket do a fantastic job as rescuing these endangered animals and providing a home for them. These centres are designed to educate visitors on the reality of life for elephants in Thailand. Visitors are able to feed and bathe with the elephants in relaxed manner, without any harm.

These sanctuaries are gated and sadly these rescued elephants can no longer go back to the wild and run freely. As they all grew up living life in the circus or the elephant riding camps, they don’t know any different. They don’t know how to be real elephants in the wild and sadly would not survive. So these sanctuaries do their best to mimic the wild, whilst keeping them safe and sheltered where no harm can be done.

So if you’re an animal person and want to spread the love, pay these sanctuaries a visit and learn all about the most beloved animal in Thailand.

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