Escaping the Winter Blues

ECM   |   December 13, 2019   |   Events & Celebrations   |   0 Comments

The Christmas period is meant to be a time of happiness and joy. Most people have time off work, there are tons of parties going on and they get to be with the ones they love. However for some, this can bring about a time of sadness or emptiness. Whether you feel lonely or just want to escape for a little while, we’re here to help take your mind off of things.

Ditch the cold for something a little warmer and a tad more beachier. Although a tropical island and beach holiday may not be your generic christmas break, sometimes it’s just what you need to gather your thoughts, get your mind in check and prepare for the brand new year ahead.

The end of the year always brings about new emotions and forces us to reevaluate ourselves… did I work hard enough this year? Did I reach my goals? What could I improve on? It’s such an important time for self assessment and target setting, and doing that with the right headspace and in the right environment can be all your need to get the new year off to the best start.

Sometimes Christmas isn’t just about building snowmen and over indulging with your family. It’s about doing the things that you enjoy and that feel right to you. The festive period can always leave us feeling bloated and sluggish as we overindulge in a few too many drinks and a few too many slices of Christmas pudding. So instead, we’re all about finding balance and putting a spin on the festive season. So many people escape to Phuket over the festive season to actually do the opposite, to get fit, to get healthy and to get in shape. It may seem like an odd time to do it, but you’re guaranteed to start the new year in the healthiest way and start as you mean to go on. So, are you willing to put a healthy spin on Christmas this year?

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