The Ultimate Guide to Phuket Food

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Food and restaurants in Phuket

The best places to eat in phuket

The food in Phuket is amazingly varied, and as the locals say, “there’s always something for everyone!” No matter what your preferences are – whether you’re looking to sample some very cheap and tasty street food or dine in the finest restaurants around town, Phuket is simply the place to be. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started:

Cheap Local Phuket Cuisines

Take a quick tour around Phuket and you will see a glimpse of the food they offer. The hawker stalls scattered around markets, along roadsides and on the beach provide a multitude of both hot and cold refreshments for the hungry traveller. You can eat authentic noodle soups, deep-fried chicken wings and drumsticks, grilled pork on sticks, locally-made pancakes, satay, spring rolls, fish mousse and curried crabs wherever you go. There’s also the stainless steel carts that parade around day and night, offering customers cold drinks and natural ice cream. Try the local favourites- coconut ice cream, sprinkled with coloured noodles, red bean and corn, durian ice cream, and taro-flavoured ice cream. Or try the other ice cream staples with bread or some toppings of your choice.

Phuket Restaurants

The selection of food in Phuket restaurants are just astounding! Guests who wish to sample the world-famous seafood can do so in excellent establishments like Laem Hin, located north of Phuket town. Bang Pae Seafood is the place to go if you’re up north, and Kan Eang is top choice should you wish to dine along Chalong Bay.

Adventurous people may find some restaurants located far away from the town and the bustling crowd. There’s the Peang Prai Restaurant, the Krua Guilin, the Andaman Viewpoint over the Sarasin, and the Dairy Hut Seafood to whet your appetite any time of day.

Don’t forget to visit some of the most famous high-end restaurants in Phuket! The Raya restaurant serves speciality food to customers in a Sino-Portugese theme, while the Blue Elephant can be found inside the Governor’s Mansion, letting people dine in luxury¬†and sample outstanding Thai cuisine.

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