KTA Asian Freestyle Champs put on quite a show at Serenity

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Serenity Resort & Residences and our sister hotel the Friendship Beach Resort were happy to welcome the KTA Asian freestyle champs & Asia Pacific Hydrofoil series to our resorts from December 12-15. Participants enjoyed the spectacular seascapes, live music, our unique beach bars and of course the idyllic sea outside our resorts.

KTA Kitesurfing Phuket
KTA Kitesurfing freestyle champs Phuket 2019

The KTA freestyle champs put on a magnificent show for onlookers and got some spectacular footage, if you haven’t yet seen this, check it out here and for those budding freestyle champs amongst you, you can also check out the images here.

Once again, Rawai in the South East coast of Phuket has proven to be a great watersports destination, with its mix of great seascapes and even better hotels! So if you are a big watersports fan and like Kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing or any other kind of watersports, Rawai is the place for you!

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