Experience the rich culture of Phuket City

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Cultural things to see in Phuket

No matter what time of the year or weather condition, being in Phuket guarantees fun activities all year round. It boasts a rich cultural heritage that has made it a holiday destination for a long time now.

Some of the cultural activities that have made Phuket famous include;

The sea Nomads

There is a permanent settlement located in Koh Sire 4km east of Phuket town. It is here that the nomadic sea- faring people of Thai live. The Chao Le, also known as the Sea gypsies , have a distinct culture that is quite different from the rest of the people. They have wooden crafts that are characterized by unswept prows and big, stern-mounted diesel engines with long trailing propeller shafts.

Thai Religion and Cultural Festivals

Thai is widely known for it’s Hindu culture and Buddhist religion. This was borrowed from the Chinese people over 1000 years ago. Although dated, these practices have stood on for centuries now. A great percentage of the city’s population is composed of Buddhists while the minority is Muslims. Peace has been maintained in the city as all the residents have great coexistence values.

Tin Mining Chinese

The Chinese group of people living in Phuket was first attracted by the tin mining industry. This practice has greatly influenced the city in terms of architecture and festival calendars. Through tin mining, the Chinese managed to establish their own way of life in the heart of phuket.

Influence of Other Ethnicities

Some of the people that occupied the city of Phuket in its earlier days were the Arabs, Indians, and the Europeans. The effect left by these groups is still felt to date. Sino-Portuguese architecture is evidence of this.

See and experience of all the cultural activities in Phuket the next time you visit Thailand, regardless of season of the year.

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