Phuket…A Golf Holiday Destination

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Phuket Golf Courses

A Pleasurable golfing experience in Phuket

Phuket golf instructors teach their students to swing through the ball and follow through with the swing. This is very sensible advice. However, the more sensible thing to do is to visit Phuket for its amazing golfing facilities. With modern and trendy facilities, and an excellent system of infrastructure, the availability of golfing and golf courses has developed significantly in recent times. While other cities in the country of Thailand is also good for golfers, if you are interested in enjoying first class golf, sun drenched sea beaches and fine dining, Rawai in Phuket is the place for you!

Golf courses in Phuket

There are 8 famous golf courses in Phuket. The Blue Canyon course and the Red Mountain course are the most challenging and highest standard of the eight courses in Phuket. The Blue Canyon resort grabbed the attention of the world in 1994, when it was officially chosen to host the famous Johnny walker Classic tournament and now hosts all the international championships in Phuket. Red mountain if not in Asia, is the most spectacular and fabulous golf course in the whole of Thailand. Tourists can compete in the Amateur Golf Week championship held in Phuket with players from around the globe. This is sure to be the most fun four rounds of golf that you will ever play.

Some of the other amazing 18-hole golf courses you can experience in Phuket include Lagauna Phuket, Loch Palm, Mission Hills, Phuket Country Club and the 9-hole Phunaka course, which also includes a large driving range, not far from Serenity.

Golfing facilities in Phuket

Golfing in Phuket has recently received a lot of attention from tourists. Here you are sure to find easy 9 hole courses through to the more difficult 18 hole golf courses. Most of the courses in Phuket, are designed with water features and very strategically placed bunkers, which ensures that the golfer has to intentionally apply good course management. The vast number of golf courses and destination diversity is what attracts the visitors from all over the world. Depending on the requirements, you can choose a unique custom golf vacation from the varied options. It is not a very expensive hobby.

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