A comprehensive Guide to Phuket Transportation

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Phuket Island Transportation

Phuket is a special place and finding transportation is quite easy. There are all kinds of shops and restaurants close to Serenity, but if you want to travel a little further, tourists can also flag down a bus, boat, taxi, car or tuk tuk. Here is a quick guide to Phuket transportation showing you which are the easiest travel options available for your visit.

Tuk Tuks

These are small red vans that can be found all over Phuket. They have open sides and backs, and can carry up to 5 passengers. The fare must be agreed depending on the distance. Tuk Tuks are 4 wheeled vehicles, and are quite convenient to travel around locally. The current fares have been set at around 200-300 Baht for short distance travel around the island and 700-800 for longer trips.

Ferries And Boats

These can be hired for trips to close by fishing sites and beautiful islands. The main places for hiring include, Rawai and Chalong Pier with fares depending on the type of vessel, length of time, distance, and the number of passengers. Longtail boats are comparatively cheaper than speedboats. They also provide a more traditional sea-going experience.

Buses And Song-Thaews

There are a few air-conditioned modern buses that operate along areas in Phuket City, and the fare is set at 10 Baht. However, to get between the beaches and city, the song-thaews or blue beach buses are the cheapest and best option available. Buses leave after every 30 minutes, and they are comfortable too.

Taxis And Motorbike Taxis

Meter taxis are hassle free and relatively cheap. In some cases, fares require negotiation or are set in advance. Motorbike taxis are available almost everywhere. They can be quite handy for short trips, and fares start at around 20 Baht. However, this is not a very recommended way of getting around Phuket for safety reasons.

Serenity Airport Transfers

Serenity provides an airport limousine transfer service for 1,531 THB per way per car. If you would like to be collected or dropped off at Phuket International Airport, contact our reservations department at rsvn@serenityphuket.com.

With so many transportation options available in Phuket, getting around is easy and convenient, meaning that you can enjoy travelling throughout the island without any hassle and enjoy all that Phuket has to offer.

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