A Guide to the Weather in Rawai Phuket

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The weather in Rawai Phuket

Phuket weather has rain averages and monthly temperature across the year. It has a tropical monsoon climate and is warm throughout the year. Instead of the four season model many visitors experience in their particular countries, Phuket, Thailand’s pattern can be presented in two different categories: The wet or rainy season, and the dry season.

The seasons are highly dictated by the monsoon wind changes. This island has the advantage of being in a temperate zone. Despite the tropical storms and typhoons that batter other neighboring islands, Phuket experiences mild effects. Even when the heavy rains between September and October disrupt the island, it rarely has consecutive rainy days.

The hottest months of the year begin in April, all the way to the end of May. The average temperatures at this time are in the upper 80s. From May to October, the island is highly affected by the Southwest Monsoon leading to the frequency of rainy periods. In November, the Island is mostly dry with the average temperatures standing at mid-70s, as an effect of the Northeast monsoon.

This is the period you will experience a lot of sunny days, and it is usually a season where high rates of tourism are experienced. But; it is necessary to note that it is possible to experience rain in the dry season in this Island. And; throughout the wet season, there are many sunny days experienced.

Seldom will the yearly temperatures go below 30 degrees C; meaning that whichever season you visit, it will be warm throughout. Many people find it interesting to visit the island between November and March when there is a cool breeze and is less humid.

In the Island, the average temperature is about 75F to about 89F (24C to 32 C). Well, just like all other parts of the world, Phuket weather conditions here are never 100% predictable. Whenever there are indications of thunderstorms; it does not mean that heavy rains will be experienced throughout the day.

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