Serenity volunteers give blood with the Thai Red Cross!

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Serenity gives blood with Thai Red Cross

The Serenity Team is proud to support our local community and joining the local blood drive is just one of our worthy causes. Together with several other local hotels and resorts, a team from Serenity Resort & Residences volunteered to donate blood with the Thai Red Cross which supports local Hospitals in Phuket. The blood drive takes place every 4 months and is a cause which we are proud to be associated with.

Doctors and surgeons throughout Phuket rely on blood donations with the Thai Red Cross to carry out life-saving and life-enhancing treatments and surgeries.

Serenity Team members from many different departments volunteered, including our Reservations Manager (Khun Oil), Financial Controller (Khun Tang), events coordinator (Khun Mook) and many more!

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