Thailand and Phuket is Safe to Visit following the Military Coup

ECM   |   May 23, 2014   |   News & Features   |   0 Comments

We would like to inform you that the current political situation in Thailand following the military coup by the army does not substantially affect the daily life of the local population nor tourists in the country.

Thailand and Phuket especially are safe to visit and people are going about their daily business as normal.

Please check with our team with regards to the rules imposed by the nightly curfew in case it is in effect in the province you are visiting.

Travel to and from the airport for example is exempt from the curfew and equally so is travel related to medical emergencies.

No army personnel is patrolling the streets of Phuket. If you are stopped or questioned by any authorities, please remain calm and follow their instructions.

We do not expect this situation to change dramatically in the coming days and remain confident that you will enjoy your holidays in Phuket and Thailand.

UPDATE 06/06/2014: Curfew in Phuket Lifted and (Night)Live back to normal!

We are happy to inform our guests that the curfew imposed following the military coup in Thailand has been lifted for Phuket and daily (night)life resumes as normal! Enjoy your holidays!

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