The 4 Must See Temples in Phuket

ECM   |   December 27, 2018   |   Expert Travel Tips   |   0 Comments

Big Buddha

Temples are a huge part of Phuket culture. The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism and the temples are a key part of that. Even if you’re not religious or Buddhist, taking in the Thai culture and becoming a part of it really allows you to see Thailand and its people in a real and authentic way. These temples are absolutely stunning and are well worth the visit. Here are some of the most visited ones in Phuket!

  1. Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong may be one of the most aesthetically pleasing temples in Phuket. It’s a place where tourists can learn about Buddhism whilst the Buddhist’s can pray and teach.

The Grand Pagoda dominating the temple contains a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone and is named Phramahathatchedi-Jomthaibarameepragat. The pagoda has wall paintings with the Buddha’s life story; a way to learn about Buddha in a fun and interactive way.

  1. Wat Kho Rang

Wat Khao Rang is located in the heart of Phuket Town, on the popular Rang Hill. It has a large golden sitting Buddha – the first ever golden sitting Buddha on the island and has become a spiritual hotspot for many Thai locals.

  1. Big Buddha

Big Buddha is probably the most commonly known temple and Buddha in Phuket. Big Buddha is set on top of a hill and can be spotted from miles. The famous hill is a struggle to get up but it makes reaching the Buddha at the top all the more worth it. It’s about a 45 minute walk to the top, or you grab a car and ride up, or if you’re feeling daring…. You could even try to sprinting up!

  1. Wat Srissoonthorn

Wat Srissoonthorn, also known as Wat Lipon, is set in heart of Thalang. The 29-metre-high Sleeping Buddha on top of the wat’s central building is the first thing you’ll see as you enter the temple, you can even notice it from the outside it’s so large. This temple includes paintings that are non-buddha related, for example animals like lions and even ghosts. These paintings are meant to act as guards to the temple and as a protection to the large golden buddha!

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