What activities to do outside on your visit to Phuket

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Outdoor things to do in Phuket

If you are looking for an adventurous holiday experience, then Phuket is your best bet. Whether you are an individual or a group of adventurous people, exploring Phuket can be the escapade of a life time as the Island has it all — beautiful beaches and lakes, vibrant parks and mountains, activities for all. If you are considering a trip to Phuket, you will need to prepare ahead of time. To help you choose the best outdoor things to do in Phuket, here are a few suggestions.

Phuket Beach Activities

Groups, families, couples, and solo holidaymakers will all find a number of beaches in Phuket to keep them entertained. Patong is Phuket’s most famous beach resort area. The azure green water stretches the whole length of Patong, which is why it is considered Asia’s party capital. Water activities make this beach one of the best places to visit. There are also picturesque palm trees as well as hills around that add to the allure. Nai Harn Beach, not far from Serenity, was however, voted Thailand’s best beach by Tripadvisor.

Phuket Animal parks

If you love animals, fear not because Phuket zoo and other national parks have you covered. Phuket Zoo and other animal attractions in the island give you an opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and powerful animals. Realise that Thailand’s interpretation of a zoo is pretty different from the western version. Here animals perform for the visitors and this distinction can be quite juddering if you are caught by surprise.

Shopping in Phuket

Shopping is one of fastest growing activities in Phuket. There are many shops vying for your attention. The island boasts a wide variety of shopping places. Whether you opt to shop from open-air markets, street stalls or local shops, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. These stores sell just about anything. Prices do vary from shop to shop.

A visit to Phuket would not be complete without these activities. So once you arrive at Serenity in this charming island, leave your luggage behind and explore these amazing spots.

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