Wellness Holidays in Phuket with the Atmanjai Wellness Spa

What is a holiday in your eyes? Doing nothing? Eating and drinking a lot? Spending time on your iPad? We all had a holiday like that before... Only to find out we come back exhausted from this holiday.

We are offering a different approach to life via our Wellness Programs! Wellness holidays, which puts your body to rest, but also improving its function. Wellness holidays that puts your mind at peace. Wellness holidays that nourish your body with healthy, good nutrients and raw foods.

Atmanjai Wellness Spa - The bottom line?

We will help you to put you body, mind, and spirit into good balance and harmony. Our wellness center, called Atmanjai, offer detox, yoga and fitness programs to address your own needs and desires. Cleansing your body with the combination of yoga and fitness will rejuvenate you and every aspect of your life. Come and join to see the effects on your body / mind / spirit

Book your Wellness Holiday and stay at Serenity by visiting: www.atmanjai.com